Valkiri 3.








Valkiri is a Featherweight (13.6kg max) robot, and as a weapon it has a vertical spinning disc as opposed to its little brother Nebelwerfer 2 which has a horizontal disc/trident. It is capable of punching its way through steel bulkheads of 5 mm and bullet resistant polycarbonate up to 10 mm. This featherweight is our most destructive robot to date by far. It is powered by a 4KW brushless motor, giving a maximum of 7.9 Kj of energy.

Valkiri 3 vs Arrr, during Antwerpen Convention 2015.


rc 004

Valkiri 3 just before Mad Metal Machines 2015 Spring edition.


Valkiri 2, with a larger disk. This variant was having some issues that for the most part have been solved in Valkiri 3, which is still in development.


Valkiri 3 in development just before the Dutchrobotgames 2015 event in Antwerpen, Belgium.

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Valkiri 3.3 in its current form just before Mad Metal Machines 20, scheduled at the end of September 2015.


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